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I.Plastic mold makingProcess of plastic mold making is regarded concisely as plastic cutting Rubber die is widely used in the commercial heavy forming due to its property of unshackle cutting and el

Wax Molding Tools and Procedures of Jewelry Making

IPlastic mold makingProcess of plastic mold creation is regarded concisely as plastic cutting Rubber die is widely used in the commercial bulky forging due to its property of unchain cutting and elastic any genial of complicated mold which can be used up to 10 years once it is whole It is not that tiring to gouge a innocent mold, but one with knotty framework needs more research, patience and practice. Tools for forming a plastic mold needs:1.Frame mold: it is frequently made with aluminum of various sizes, further metal materials such as steel are allowed as well2.Raw rubber: pulp used at the beginning is the fresh rubber without being ripened, at the time the rubber used is of goodly plasticity which can be gouge and combined arbitrarily. Through the ripened process shapes of the mold is fixed, which is of substantial elasticity and toughness Expect natural rubber, silicon rubber is taken as materials in former years as well3.The scalpel: it is the prime apparatus for cutting a plastic mold. Shapes of knifes can be chosen according to needs Careful priority should be paid to the operating process due to the raucous blade4.Mold remedy pen, it is actually a special electric iron which is used to transform defects on the plastic mould.5.Nozzle pocket, outlet of each mold would be not that thick, in behest to make convenience for wax injection, a special engine would be used to tarpaulin the side to earth the shape of bell mouth.6.Hot press, it is the corrective system of a plastic mold With variable temperature, there are electric heating wires at both the upper and contract platen area, the upper form plate is connected to screw rod to remodel force and span between the two plates. The temperature is regularly at 140 ~150 IIWax mold makingWax molds are made on the basis of plastic ones, the process if called wax injection. Wax which is used to create the mold is made with waxes of different compositions to obtain the imperative synthetic wax of different melting point, hardness, toughness and power General demand for all kinds of wax is curtained strength, which can be seared quite to discontinue no residue Wax production can be divided into three processes:1.Wax of injection. Wax of the kindly of interest quality should be of refined elasticity, swift solidification, sake fluidity, low melting dot and attainable removing property from the plastic mold There are green, red and several additional colors in the hawk used to discern the different property Green wax gains panoramic application in the industry Melting device of sake wax would be occurred at 63 ~74 , the cut the temperature, the smaller the abridgement of the wax; once the wax is of rangy temperature, it would motility into the carves in the plastic mold, which would contain froth when cooled off due to the inhaled air2.Injecting wax The wax which is melted by wax injection machine commit be injected into plastic mold and placed to be cooled off in 2~3 minutes Get the wax mold carefully after the procedures Adjustment of the temperature is settled according to property of the wax while harmonization pressure is adjusted according to the thickness of the mold. When injecting, using two piece of aluminum or steel or organic plate clamp the rubber mould, the process would be absolute by ascendant the handle appropriately. When the inventory adorn goes out, the wax mold is settled down3.Take the wax ornament It is celebrated to earn the redress atom to take out the mould, if it is too early, the wax is not solidified yet, if too later, it would be too hardened and brittle to be soft removed. Put the having been injected and cooled pattern on the bench, and then with one worker supporting the cut die, another bended slowly to flexible the upper one, the wax design would be taken out succulent Small defects on the surface of the wax model can be repaired slightly by supplementing or scratching methods

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