• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Although small in size, Jewelries are definitely the quintessential quota of fashion. If you reap up the fix jewelry, it would enhance your looks as well as accentuate your system statement, especially a beautiful necklace which looks chic and trendy and greatly allure your appearance

Dior Freeze Frame Necklace

The House of Dior has been famed for its exquisite and elegant creation, from cosmetics, perfumes to handbags, jewelries and other accessories So this Dior Freeze Frame Necklace is of cycle live up to its big reputation Crafted out of rhodium-plated metal and resin, the necklace presents us incredible delicateness. The well-designed four charms is produced thanks to an innovative mode for colour-printing on resin The feminine line is ornamented with a boudoir spirit, encompassing Diors timeless codes: Lady Dior, dogstooth, bows and oval frames as well as Christian Dior signature ticket The whole device is so exquisite and meaningfulThis necklace comes in the roll of 40cm with an other 6cm train for adjusting the length, so it could be a example necklace in plunge or winter to go with your polo-neck sweaters. In addition, as a melodious necklace, it would a precious stockpile for Dior aficionados.

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