• Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

A fashion conscious mobile for method conscious users is the prime way to tell Sony Ericsson Jalou which indeed is a beautiful diamond fashion phone.

Diamond style Sony Ericsson Jalou

Diamond style Sony Ericsson Jalou

If you love designer surfeit then Sony Ericsson Jalou is made for you It comes in three outstanding crimson casing: aquamarine blue, onyx npromising and deep amethyst Sony Ericsson Jalou is a stylish looking phone that comes in Dolce and Gabbana designer casing, which not many phones would be able to provide you

Here are its features:

100 MB of tame memory is what the users achieve in Sony Ericsson Jalou However, with increasing deprivation for higher memory, there is an option provided in the handset for memory card slot in command to augment the storage space3 hours and 30 minutes of gibber instance is what the users earn from the handset that foundry upon 3G technologyAlso, the standby situation it offers is extraordinary

GSM quad company keeps shifting networks within in decree to provide the user with very web coverage even when they are face the simple 3G HSDPA trellis moreover enable roaming capacity on the handsetThis 24 carat diamond plated wrapper measures 4.5cm by 7.3cm by 1.82cm so that it compactly fits in every pocketThe dual present screens on the handset measures 1.3 inches and 2 inches respectively The prime demonstrate screen offers 262 thousand flag and a thumping high screen resolution so that the user enjoys amazing drawing quality.

Sony Ericsson Jalou has incredible connectivity in the contour of Bluetooth and USB port Access NetFront trellis browser enables the user to enjoy collar surfingGPRS and EDGE technology are all data features that nay user requires which work so well in the handset3G HSDPA technology ensures that the user earn swift connectivity and the ability of multitasking as well

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Sony Ericsson Jalou brings out the blessing by its multimedia features that include 3.2 megapixels camera that comes with digital zoom, auto axle and scintillate One can also make disc footages and facilitate recording streaming on Sony Ericsson Jalou.