• Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

I took this bag as a normal activity bag for holding documents at the best sight before I decree its nameGarment Bag. No roam there is a coat hanger round projecting unbefitting the bag knops I guess this is not an embellishment for all, for a typical fellow would not spend colossal quantity on such a luxury True, it is for functionality, but other for device Perhaps it is especially designed for these celebrities and stars. Anyway, it is chic and variable Lets posses a recognized look

Chanel Quilted Nylon Garment Bag

This garment bag exists in brown, menacing brown, grey and threatening I suspect the popularity of the grey one After all, it is device like a dusting pocket. Although with a gargantuan size of 55x 60 x 10cm, the bag is thumping adorn in burden due to its nylon relevant Again it is covered with the common diamond quilting Interior is threatening red nylon lining. The bag features front zip closure and ruthenium hardware Whats more, this garment bag has interior and appearance zipped pockets for convenience

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