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For athletes there are is nothing further beautiful than an Olympic medal around your neck. Though they arent for everyday use, can an Olympic medal be considered a piece of jewelry?

Are Olympic Medals a Piece of Mens and Womens Jewelry?

Are Olympic Medals a Piece of Mens and Womens Jewelry?

Is an Olympic medal a piece of jewelry? I recognize its more vast then prate a necklace you bought at Target, but does it qualify as a piece of mens jewelry or womens jewelry because of its resemblance to a necklace? Maybe Im unbiased stretching, and I vacillate that any athlete would ever wear it on a daily basis, but face of object like the hope diamond, in my thought an Olympic medal would be fair about the coolest piece of jewelry you could ever wear Imagine moving into a gang with that body on Who wouldnt be impressed?

I write this as Im watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Paralympic games in Vancouver Here in the US the Paralympic Games arent exactly Muse-see TV Regardless, its some of the top athletes in the globe excelling at what they do blessing Its essentially the same layout as the Olympics with gold, silver and bronze medals with each athlete proudly representing their idyllic The medals vary slightly from the Olympic ones but torpid posses the fundamental round motif They are impressive pieces of activity which any able bodied Olympian would be proud to have.

So back to my original point: are Olympic medals considered jewelry? Mirriam-Webster defines jewelry as objects of precious metal often thicken with jewels and worn for personal adornment. That sounds pretty much like an Olympic medal No jewels I know, but a welfare digit of everyday jewelry doesnt plane jewellery Furthermore, the medals can be worn for personal adornment, but like so much supplementary jewelry throughout saga they dont deficiency to be. If you go to a museum and look at a pile of the jewelry on express much of it was possibly worn once and then put on present for the public (like J-Los dresses) So from definition benefit it seems that medals would definitely be jewelry

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The phenomenon is that most athletes would probably not want to wear their medals as everyday wear. Besides the detail that they could avoid them (by accident or by force), there are also two further factors First, you look like a jerk wearing an Olympic medal everywhere you go Its like Fine, we get it, you were the top in your field, now rest shoving it in our faces your stuck up so-and-so Secondly, with the load of the gold medal on your chest they dont exactly look comfortable It looks like every occasion they would swing and hit your chest another bruise would occur.

So, do Olympic medals enumeration as pieces of mens and womens jewelry? By definition yes But if you ask an athlete, they would probably tolerably impartial retain it in their manifest cases